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Hibiscus Ginger Tea

Hibiscus Ginger Tea

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Hibiscus Ginger Tea

A cup of tea for every mood. Surprise your taste buds with our tantalising tea blends. We have some exciting infusions of fruits and spices that are every tea lover's dream. Handpicked ingredients, carefully blended, a premium tea experience from our hands to your cups.

Ingredients : Hibiscus, Ginger, Stevia, Green Tea

Brewing Instructions :

Regular Brewing -
Step 1 : Boil a cup of water in a vessel. Take it of the heat
Step 2 : Take a specific amount of tea leaves in a cup and pour the hot water over it
Step 3 : Let it steep for a while
Step 4 : Strain out the tea in a cup and enjoy

Water Temperature : 95°c
Usage : 2gm of tea leaves/cup
Brewing Time : 45 sec - 50sec

If stronger flavour is desired add more tea leaves do not boil for longer time.

Brewing with an infuser -
Step 1 : Take the specified amount of tea in the infuser and place it in a cup
Step 2 : Pour hot water over it
Step 3 : Let it steep fora while
Step 4 : Enjoy your hot cup

Usage : 2gm of tea leaves/cup
Brewing Time : 45 sec - 50 sec

Making Iced Tea -
Step 1 : Brew a cup of tea with the help of the steps above
Step 2 : Keep it aside to cool
Step 3 : In a taller glass, add 4 - 6 ice cubes
Step 4 : Pour the brewed tea into the glass with ice
Step 5 : Have a refreshing break with your iced tea

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