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Natural Coconut Sugar

Natural Coconut Sugar

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A sought-after healthy alternative, coconut sugar is the new rage with health-conscious people. Replace your white sugar with our coconut sugar produced from the sap of the flower-bud stem of coconut palm trees grown in and around the lush farms of Pollachi. With a low Glycemic Index, it is a better alternative for diabetic patients and anyone looking for a healthier option. 



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  • How do I use coconut sugar?

    Ans: Use coconut sugar in place of white sugar for your day-to-day needs. Just replace it in the 1:1 ratio and indulge your sweet tooth!

  • Why does the colour of coconut sugar keep changing each time I buy it?

    Ans: The colour of the coconut sugar depends on the coconut and the season it was harvested in. So, do not worry about it. Our coconut sugar is high in quality and nutrition.