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Small Bee Honey

Small Bee Honey

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  • Bee Type

    Stingless Small Bees

  • Nectar from

    Medicinal Plants

  • Builds Hive in

    Rocks, Wooden logs

  • Flavour Profile

    Tangy and sour tones

Small Bee Honey Facts!

Indulge in the exquisite rarity of Small Bee Honey, painstakingly crafted from the nectar of medicinal plants by our diligent small bees. This premium elixir not only delights your palate with its unrivaled sweetness but also brings forth a wealth of health benefits.

Rich in natural antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients, it supports digestion, boosts energy, and offers relief from seasonal allergies. Elevate your taste and well-being with every spoonful of this exclusive, nature-crafted treasure.

  • There is crystallisation on the surface of the honey. Is it safe to consume?

    Ans: Crystallisation of honey is a natural process. High-quality, raw, unfiltered honey crystallises due to the pollen and enzymes present in it. Unless you are allergic to pollen, it is completely safe to consume honey that has crystallised.

  • There is a layer of foam forming on the surface of the honey. Is it safe to consume?

    Ans: Yes, it is safe to consume it. Foaming on the surface is caused due to air bubbles that escape to the surface after the honey rests on the bottom.