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World's Finest Jaggery

World's Finest Jaggery

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Our rich jaggery starts its journey at sugarcane farms run by small-scale farmers who practice sustainable farming. The extracted juice from the sourced sugarcanes is then slowly heated in cast iron pots for over three hours and cooled before they reach you. Our jaggery is 100% natural with no added chemicals. 

You can get yours in both powdered form or its naturally condensed form. There is no difference between the two except that the powdered jaggery dissolves sooner. Our jaggery has a shelf life of 6 months.

Rich and pure, our jaggery will leave you wanting more.

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  • How do we test to see if the jaggery is free from chemicals?

    Ans: Just observe the following:

    Taste: Jaggery should not taste even slightly salty. If it does, it indicates a high concentration of mineral salts. It can also tell if your jaggery is fresh or not. The saltier it tastes, the older it is!

    Colour: Ideally, the colour of jaggery should be dark brown. If it is yellowish, it may indicate chemical treatment.

    Hardness: Lastly, jaggery must be hard. The hardness indicates there are no additives in it.

    Go on, test our jaggery and find out its purity for yourself!

  • Why the World's Finest ?

    This jaggery is made from sugarcane grown in the forest hills of Kerala. The sugarcane grown over there yeilds most nutrients comparitively.

    Plus there is no additives, colors or preservatives added to this. Hence we get all the nutrients.

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