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30th March | Upcoming event 


What is BEE YOND?

BEEYOND is an initiative by SAFE BEE. From top international athletes to health conscious parents and everyday hustlers, on their journey to conquer the world. 

When and where is it happening?

Date : 30/03/24 | 9:00 am onwards
Venue :  SAFE BEE, Crimson Rd, behind Jr Kuppanna hotel, Nava India signal, avinashi road, Coimbatore 641004

What is the event about ?

We are conducting a factory tour and workshop for kids (5-14yrs) where they will get to experience the following : 
1. Process conscious cooking
2. Take a fascinating tour to learn and make your favorite goodies! (Factory tour)
3. Discover joy of mindful eating as we explore how to savor and appreciate every bite. 
4. Biochemistry and Nutrition  : 
- What happens to macro nutrients after it enters our body?
- What is gut health and why it is important?
- Why are vegetables and fruits actually healthy?
- How does healthy eating affect my performance in any field? (Biological perspective)

What's the age limit ?

Kids above 5yrs and below 15yrs

Can I accompany with my son/daughter?

Yes, absolutely. Parents can accompany with their child for the workshop. Although parents won't be allowed inside for the factory tour. 

Do I have to carry anything with me? 

We will be providing refreshments, snacks for everyone present. We will also be giving a small booklet for all the kids. 

How do i register ?

Fill out this form : Click here!
Registration Fee : Rs 1800
Once the form is submitted our team will send you the QR code or payment link. 

What's special about this event?

1. First hand experience of our new range (there are multiple new products lined up)
2. Experience the taste of date sweetened ice cream.
3. We have a very special guest. (Hint : She is the youngest tennis player from India to play in a grand slam, and she is from Coimbatore)



Anirudh Chandresekar

- World #90 in Doubles

- 3x ATP Challenger titles

- #5 in India


Sahaja Yamalapalli

- Current Indian #2

- 3 X ITF Singles titles

- #335 in World Ranking


Maaya Revathi Rajesh

- Current U-18 #1 in India

- 5 x ITF Singles winner

- Youngest Indian to play at Grandslam 

- Current World #140 in Juniors 




- Current #6 National Ranking

- 2023 Fenesta National Champion
- 2023 W25K Bengaluru Champion


- Ultraman Australia 2023 Finisher

- 6 Times Ironman Finisher

- IIM Certified Coach



- Current #4 Indian Ranking

- 2022 Fenesta National Champion

- Top 500 in WTA Singles


- 313 in WTA World Ranking

- Current India #3

- Gold Medal in 2023 Asian Games

- 2011 Fenesta National Champion


Sharath Kamal

- Highest Ranking 30 ITTF

- Common Wealth Gold Medalist

- Khel Ratna Awardee

- Padma Shri Awardee

- 10 x Senior National Champion