Single Grain | Sustained Energy | High Fiber

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This bar gives sustained energy - powered by super millet bajra (Kambu). With the right mix of fiber, carbohydrates and protein, having this bar is a great way to start your day or fuel your workouts. 

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Bajra Millet

Sustained Energy

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Does it contain added sugar?

Absolutely no added sugar! These bars are date sweetened and we mean it.

Can these bars be consumed by kids? 

These bars can be consumed by kids as long as they can safely chew solid foods and do not have any allergies to the ingredients. If you are unsure its always advisable to consult with a pediatrician or healthcare professional before introducing new foods into a child's diet.

How does this bar benefit me?

Our bar contains Bajra, a gluten-free ancient grain known for its slow-release energy and high fiber content, promoting good digestion. Paired with dates for an immediate energy boost and natural sweetness, it's a wholesome option to fuel your day.

Will this bar cause spike in sugar levels?

While dates provide a natural sweetness, the fiber in Bajra helps regulate blood sugar levels, minimizing spikes and promoting steady energy release.

When can I consume this bar?

1. Pre and during workout : combination of complex carbohydrates from bajra and fast-acting sugars from dates provides a balanced source of energy, ideal for fueling workouts and sustaining endurance


2. During the snack break in your school, office or training session for a nutritious and convenient source of energy 


3. As an addition with your breakfast

How long do these energy bars last?

Our bars are best to be consumed 5 months before the manufactured date. 

How can these bars last without preservatives?

Our preservative-free bars stay fresh for more than 5 months thanks to our careful screening of ingredients, thorough roasting to remove moisture, and FDA-approved packaging. Stored in a clean warehouse, they're ready for you whenever you need a nutritious snack

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