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Blend My Butter

Blend My Butter

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Customize your own nut-butter in 3 Simple steps! Perfect for health nuts, moms with munchkins, nutrition conscious and adorable adults.

Nt wt : 500gm 

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  • Our custom nut butter service lets you create a blend that's tailored to your taste buds.

    1. Choose your nuts and seeds - We've got everything from almonds to Hazelnuts, and chia seeds to pumpkin seeds. Mix and match to your heart's content, and choose the percentage of each ingredient to create your perfect blend.
    2. Choose Your Sweetener & Spice- Add some sweetness with jaggery, coconut sugar, or date sweetened options. Or skip the sweet stuff altogether and go unsweetened. Give your nut butter some extra flavor with pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and more. Choose between salted or unsalted options to customize your taste.
    3. Get your crunch on - Whether you prefer creamy or crunchy nut butter, we've got you covered.