Irresistible. Magnesium Rich. Community Favorite

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This bar tastes like heaven and still does wonders to your body. You wouldn't be able to make the slightest guess that this bar has pumpkin seeds.

We tell you everything

we add

Almonds 35% 

Source of Iron & quality protein 

Dates 40%

High fiber & energy

Hazelnuts 15%

Heart healthy & vitamin E rich 

Pumpkin Seeds 8%


Raw Cacao 2%

Antioxidant rich

we don't

No added sugar

No emulsifiers

No preservatives

No chemicals

No nature identical flavors

No fillers

No stabilizers

No gluten

Nutrition Focused

Know the what's, why's and how's of your food

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Conquering with great nutrition!

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Does it contain sugar?

These bars are date sweetened and no added sugar, we mean it.

Can these bars be consumed by kids? 

These bars can be consumed by kids above 8 months. We use nuts, superfoods and they're date sweetened.

How does this bar benefit me?

This bar is high in fiber, has healthy fats from nuts, rich in antioxidants from cacao, omega-3 fatty acids and natural sugars from dates, which helps your children's growth and provides sustained energy.

When can I consume this bar?

1. Pre and post-workout nutrition for sustained energy and muscle recovery

2. As a snack to keep up your energy levels

3. As an addition with your breakfast

How long do these energy bars last?

Our bars are best to be consumed 5 months before the manufactured date. 

How can these bars last without preservatives?

Our preservative-free bars stay fresh more than 5 months thanks to our careful screening of ingredients, thorough roasting to remove moisture, and FDA-approved packaging. Stored in a clean warehouse, they're ready for you whenever you need a nutritious snack

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