About Us

Eat With Purpose

Have you ever picked up something at the grocery store, spent a minute or two to understand what exactly goes into that food item and then made an informed decision to buy it or not? If you answered yes, you belong to a negligible margin of the consumers. Even for those of you who spend time going through the labels, you only receive a portion of the information regarding the product through these labels.

Almost every product that we consume these days are laden with additives and preservatives to increase shelf lives and consumption. These chemicals and heavily processed foods are harmful to us. Though we are aware of that, we do not find many alternatives to these products and hence resort to these products. 

We want to change the way people eat. We at SafeBee want to revolutionize food consumption with a simple motto - Eat with purpose!! We believe that our customers need to be empowered with the knowledge of what goes into their food. 

High Quality Ingredients

Any product is only as good as the ingredients used to make them. Each ingredient used in our products is fresh, pure, and sourced from places where it grows best. You can find information on the source of the ingredients on our website. 

Transparent Label

All our products are mindfully made with carefully chosen ingredients. Each ingredient that goes into a product of SafeBee’s has a purpose and we want you to know that. You will find all the information about our ingredients on the packaging or just ask us!


We make all our products in smaller batches. We’re upfront about the fact that our products are highly fresh, chemical/preservative-free as a result of which most of our products have shorter shelf lives.

How It Started

Billie Jean King once said, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose, it teaches you about life.”

Sports taught us all this and more! We are two professional tennis players from small towns who have worked our way in sports through consistent efforts and overcoming challenges. Sports taught us a lot about nutrition. It taught us mindful eating. It took us to various countries, which made us appreciate our native food and ingredients more.

 But the best part is that sports brought together two people with similar thinking, ideology and vision. So here we are, two tennis players and friends who have become business partners with our venture SafeBee. We bring to you curated food items that are rich in nutrition, natural and preservative-free. Carefully sourced and crafted with love, we give you food that both of us choose to have every day.

Meet Nidhitra Rajmohan

My mind, body and soul have a strong foothold in tennis. I have played tennis ever since I was a child. I am a professional tennis player currently, competing actively on the international tour, ranking 506 on the ITF World Tour(Singles). I also am a Gold Medalist at Khelo India Games 2020. 

Enterprising mother as a role model, I followed her footsteps in business and want to play my part in creating a health-conscious community. SafeBee is a culmination of my discipline ingrained by sports, passion for healthy food and entrepreneurial spirit inherited from my family. 

At SafeBee, I manage operations, marketing and maintain the vibe!