Tuduve Honey

Rs. 1,290.00
Experience the extraordinary power of nature with our Raw Tuduve Honey. Sourced from pristine, untouched wilderness, this honey is a potent elixir of health and vitality. Packed with exceptional medicinal properties, it's a natural remedy trusted for generations.

Our Raw Tuduve Honey is seasonal, collected at the peak of its potency to ensure maximum benefits. Unlike other honey, it keeps all the good stuff that nature gives us. So, it's the best choice for you to stay strong and healthy! Discover the transformative potential of nature's finest gift in every golden drop of our Raw Wild Honey.


Know about your honey!

Bee Type

Stingless Small Bee

Nectar From

Medicinal Plants and herbs

Builds Hive in

Rocks and wooden logs

Flavour Profile

Tangy and sour tones

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There is crystallisation on the surface of the honey. Is it safe to consume??

There is a layer of foam forming on the surface of the honey. Is it safe to consume?

How will you be shipping the honey?

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